With 15 years of experience, Magicroutes proudly present our professional service and international standard qualification in passengers transportation. We never stop our effort to improve our service in all aspects and focus on our core 3S policies;

  1. Service Excellence
  2. Safety Excellence
  3. Satisfaction Excellence

All our vehicles (Buses, Minibuses, Vans) are regularly checked with full maintainance upon schedule.

All drivers and staffs are well trained for their manners toward our customers and for all necessary safety knowledges according to the rules of Thai Department of Land Transportation.

All in all, Magicroutes is the expert in passengers transportation both in routine base customer service and individully request advance booking service. Customers are ensured to get the best service from us.


Our fleets in service including;

  1. Buses with 50 seats plus luggages storage area 
  2. Buses with 41 seats plus luggage storage area
  3. Minibuses with 32 seats
  4. Minibuses with 21 seats
  5. Vans with 10 seats
  6. Vans with 13 seats

All buses are equipted with DVD players, Audio sytems, LED screen TV for Karaoke, Safety equiptments such as glass-window crash hammers,fire fighting equiptments.

Please contact us for further information and quotation price.


We will continue to provide an excellent service while maintaining the safety of our customers at all times and will continue to grow and gain many more satisfied customers.


For our management team to be effective we intend to keep up with the latest technologies in order to provide an efficient land transport service with most reasonable cost.

To support and develop personal resources by working as a team to reach the best quality service.

Good punctuality and time management has always been and will continue to be an essential part of our service.

To continue to be environmentally friendly and to provide a socially acceptable service.